Stratford Jubilee
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About the band

Crowdy-Kit it is a foot-stomping ceilidh band guaranteed to get people up and dancing at festivals, weddings, parties or a good old barn dance.  It brings together three of the westcountry’s finest dance musicians on fiddle flute and and piano making an energetic and uplifting sound.

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What a Summer

This was our first Summer as a band. We are really excited to have played at Sidmouth, Broadstairs and Towersey Folk Festivals. We loved playing for ceilidhs at all three plus running workshops at Broadstairs.  We also ate a lot of Icecream!

We already have dates in the diary for next year and we will announce more when they come in.

Crowdy-Kit: Noun kraʊdɪ-kɪt Westcountry Dialect, a small bowed instrument or fiddle.  Also in devonshire Water Figwort